Vermin Womb - Decline Cassette

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Vermin Womb - Decline Cassette

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100 x Red Shell *SOLD OUT*

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200 x Black Shell *SOLD OUT*

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Hatred-eaten blackened deathgrind spearheaded by Ethan Lee McCarthy of Primitive Man. VERMIN WOMB's abhorrent music is a place where complete annihilation and aural warfare sublimate and ascend to new, inconceivable heights, and where nihilism, misanthropy and abjection in sonic form reach new, unthinkable lows. Decline's immeasurable violence and wretchedness have placed VERMIN WOMB among one of the most antagonist, hostile, and nihilistic acts to have ever ravaged the North American extreme metal underground. Total fucking aural warfare.

Split release with Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Officially licensed from Translation Loss and Throatruiner Records.