Casket Huffer - Filth Ouroboros LP

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Casket Huffer - Filth Ouroboros LP

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Emerging from the murky depths of the cavernous underworld after nearly 3 years, CASKET HUFFER return with their second full length Filth Ouroboros. Over 40 minutes of pure aural depravity spreading across 8 tracks blending their signature, breakneck war metal pacing with blackened death, slime-ridden sludge and abhorrent doom creating an incomparably intense listening experience. Returning once again to Flatline Audio in Denver, CO, Filth Ouroboros was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Khemmis, Primitive Man) perfectly capturing the band's unrelenting sonic fury.

With Filth Ouroboros, CASKET HUFFER have not only solidified their place at the forefront of the underground scene, but have created one of the most devastating metal albums of the year!

Track List
1. Altars of Despondency
2. Oblivion Serpents
3. The Antichrist Vessel
4. Genocide Thralls
5. Filth Ouroboros
6. Caustic Winds
7. Aghast
8. Harrowing Mysticism