Frig Dancer - Hot Garbage LP

Frig Dancer - Hot Garbage LP

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108 x No. 48 Yellow Standard Gram

108 x Fire Truck Red Standard Gram

*Includes Digital Download*

The frenetic FRIG DANCER arrive on the underground punk scene to deliver their debut full length Hot Garbage. 16 anthems of catchy as frig melodic punk tied together with grunge sensibilities and hardcore attitude about enjoying your pointless existence, hating your job and loving your pets. The guitar/drum duo consisting of Scott Miller and Andrew Martin (both of the grind/sludge outfit Anthesis) wrote, recorded and mastered the entire album throughout 2018 with the help of countless 6 packs at Ancient Temple Recordings (The Great Sabatini, Hard Charger) in their hometown of Quispamsis, New Brunswick. Raw, earnest, and immediately accessible, with Hot Garbage, FRIG DANCER have crafted one of the freshest punk albums of the friggin' year!

Canadian orders available through Ancient Temple Recordings HERE